Posted by: Holly | February 2, 2011


Wow.  This space has been empty for a while, hasn’t it?  After you go so long without posting anything it seems overwhelming to start again.  However, my sister got a “blog book” for Christmas and after looking through it I decided it was worth the time and effort to remember this time in my life (even if it is infrequent and random).

A couple of weeks ago Bert and I had a night out for dinner and a movie.  During the movie, we got a call from my mom (our faithful sitter) that we had accidently forgot and set our house alarm.  My mom had the boys at her house and was bringing them to our house when she unlocked the door and heard our alarm going off.  The alarm carrier called right away to which she told them she was the grandma and was trying to turn it off, to which Bert gets a call in the middle of our movie from CPI stating “someone is in your house claiming to be the grandma”.  Finally we get it all straightened out and the alarm is turned off.   However, after all is said and done my mom finds Jack upstairs under his bed shaking and scared to death.  He said he thought the police were gonna come and take him away.  Poor little guy.  So, of course my mom did her best to explain to him that the cops would only come if bad guys were in the house and they would never take him away.

The next day brought lots more questions and concerns about the alarm for Bert and I.  We did the best we could to explain to him that it was a mistake on our part and that it was no big deal.  However, much to our dismay he has now become obcessed with alarms.  I mean we always knew he was a little OCD but oh my goodness!  He gets nervous with any and all beeps and sounds including the microwave, coffee maker and garbage truck.  He runs over to the microwave to turn off the timer or stop “the beeping”!  He asks me every time we enter the house if the alarm is on  and the obcessiveness is driving us a little crazy.

I got to preschool to pick him up the other day and as soon as I see him walking to the car he shouts, “Mom, some kid pulled the fire alarm today!”.  Oh no.  I asked him about it as he got in the car and he said, “I was so scared I almost killed myself” (which I am sure means “he was scared to death” but not fun to hear in those words for a parent).  We pray every night that he will not have a spirit of fear and will trust that our God is our Protector.  I know this will be a stage like any other but I can’t help wonder if he got this paranoia from a certain other person in our house.  The apple doesn’t fall from the tree:)

Posted by: Holly | September 14, 2010

One bad hour

Today I attempted to do some errands while Jack was in preschool.  Just me and my littlest man going to stop by a couple of stores before picking Jack up; seems easy enough.  I ran into one store to pick up a couple of things and in no time Welles knocked over a display of nail polishes that rolled all over the store. The nice lady gave me a dirty look and I decided that maybe picking out nail polish should be something I do alone.  However, my sweet toddler was not ready to leave so he proceeds to pitch a fit in the store.  I grab him (kicking and screaming) and take him to the car empty handed.

He cries all the way to Preschool but we finally make it and I get in the carpool line (which is very long).  I think to myself (as he is still screaming), I will get him out of his seat and put him in the front passengers seat so I can feed him some applesauce and he will be happy.  I put him in the front and shut the door and begin walking around to my door when it happens…I hear “click, click”.  Oh no he didn’t just lock the door. Oh yes he did.  I quickly go back around to his side of the car, panicking.  I have no keys, no cell phone and my 20 month old son in my car with the doors locked.  I tap on the window begging him to “hit the button”. He continues to hit the lock button.  What am I going to do?  I looked behind me to see another mom in her minivan who just witnessed what happened.  She is literally staring at me with her mouth open. Then she proceeds to shake her head and drive around me so as to not be late picking up her young lad!  All the cars start going around me.  I am on my own.  After some time, I get him to press the right button and he unlocks the car for me.

At this point I put him back in his seat and buckle him up, never take him out again I think to myself.  He begins to scream again b/c he wanted his applesauce.  I finally pick up Jack and he says mom “give him your Coke so he will stop crying”.  I am at my wits end with the crying so I hand him my fountain Coke from Target to which he pulls out of my hands and dumps all the ice and drink all over himself and his car seat. At that point I just get home as quick as I can and put him down for a nap.  Right now I am having Hershey bar cake with extra hot fudge.

Posted by: Holly | August 27, 2010

Matching boys

Jack LOVES Welles.  I mean really loves him.  He is very protective of him and always watches out for him. He is CONSTANTLY trying to love on him and Welles gets very tired of it.  Jack tried to pull him in for a kiss yesterday and was met with Welles’s choppers and got a bite to the cheek.  Welles is officially a biter. Bert claims he bites b/c he has an extra tooth (one extra on the top, no lie) but I think he just gets frustrated with all the “loving” from his older brother, which can get a little rough.  The other day Jack woke up and decided he wanted he and Welles to “match” so he picked out his outfit and got a matching one for Welles. He was so excited that he came downstairs and begged me to get the camera to take some pictures of them in their matching attire!  I think it is still so cute when they match however Welles at 20 months is not too excited about it or anything we really want him to do most days:)  As you can see from the pictures, Welles quickly becomes fed up with Jack’s loving attitude…Maybe one day Wellesy will be more of a lover than a fighter with his big bro.

Posted by: Holly | June 19, 2010

Another beach trip, another Urgent Care visit

Seriously, I feel like the Shallotte Urgent Care should give us some kind of discount for being frequent visitors each summer.  We have visited them every year for the past 3 years we have been at Ocean Isle Beach.  The first year we came Jack and Jake both got a bad case of croup and my dad suffered from heat exhaustion, the second year Jack got strep, this year Jack cut his leg and so we were back there again.  It was Wednesday night around 9pm and the kids were all down on the dock fishing in the sound.  Somehow, (we still don’t know how) Jack fell in the water off the dock head first!  However, thankfully Uncle Nick was there in no time pulling him to safety.  Nick tends to be the hero in these types of situations (click here for last years hero blog).  He is pretty much in the business of saving lives.  So Nick pulls him out and we realize he has cut his leg on a oyster shell pretty bad.  Fortunately, he didn’t get stitches since the wound was too wide but they put some medical tape to hold it together and a bandage.  Unfortunately, he was not allowed back in the ocean or pool so he was really bummed.  However he did still play in the sand, go in the ocean on Bert’s shoulders and get taken for ice cream by Nan and Pop.  He’s pretty much milkin’ it.  As for the Shallotte Urgent Care, as the nurse told Jack, “See you next year!”

Posted by: Holly | June 19, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Jack’s preschool class had a breakfast a couple of weeks ago to celebrate moms and dads.  Jack didn’t think Bert was going to make it b/c of work but he surprised him and showed up.  Jack’s face lit up when he realized his daddy was coming!  They preformed a little song for us and gave us some gifts, a heart pin with glued on buttons for me and a picture frame with nuts and bolts for dad.  However, my favorite part was the little cards they made us.  The teacher had asked the children a series of questions about their mom and dad and wrote down the answers for them.  We were cracking up at some of the other kids answers to the questions like “How old is your mom?” 99 years old was one little girls answer.  I remember the year my niece did this she said her daddy LOVED ice skating?!  what?  Anyways, in true Jack fashion he was right on target for all the answers.  Here are his answers for his dad:

My daddy is:  33 years old

My daddy’s favorite food is: steak

My daddy likes to: go hiking with me in the mountains

I love it when my daddy:  tickles me

My daddy is good at:  tennis

My daddy likes it when:  we go camping

My daddy is great because:  he works:)

I love that last answer.  I try really hard for Jack to understand how hard his father works and that is why I am able to stay at home with him.  I am so very glad that it is sinking in.  I have to say I am so proud that Bert is our boys daddy.  I can’t think of a better role model for them.  Jack has become so adoring of Bert.  They truly do enjoy each others company and love spending time together.  When he gets home at night, no matter how bad traffic has been or what his day held, he gets down on the floor and lets them jump all over him.  Welles gets in on the action as well now.  I have to admit I still have twinges of desire for a girl, until I see the joy in Bert’s face in raising these little men and I realize there is nothing more I could want.

Posted by: Bert | June 16, 2010

Show me your ugly face…

Night 4 of the Dooley/Wilder beach trip…Kids are asleep and Heather, Holly, Nick and I are in the living room looking over pictures on the camera that were taken earlier.  All of the sudden Heather grabs the camera and starts taking pictures like she’s on the red carpet.  Snap, flash!  Snap, flash!  Snap, flash!  Then she yells out (“show me your ugly face”)…The below pictures were the result. 

Keep in mind that you have to be pretty confident to be able to post “ugly” pictures for the world to see.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time and my stomach muscles are still hurting…We were all crying with laughter.  Comment and tell us whose picture is the ugliest…We’ll tally the votes and let you know at the end of the week.  My vote goes to the last picture of the fat Chinese guy…But a close second would be the first picture below of a stranded fish that just washed up on shore…

Posted by: Holly | May 26, 2010

The fly swatter

It seems this time of year every year we have a fly problem.  The boys are constantly leaving the back door open so those pesky, little insects are always getting in our house.  This morning I had had enough and decided to get the fly swatter out and have my way with two of them in my kitchen.  However, no matter how hard I tried to swat they were too fast for me.  So, when Jack gets home from preschool he sees the fly swatter out and I tell him to go ahead and give it a try.  I thought, “this will keep him occupied for a while”.  And wouldn’t you know it, in under 10 minutes he had killed and flushed both those bad boys.  This doesn’t say much for my cat-like reflexes.

Posted by: Bert | May 13, 2010

Crowders Mountain

I am an avid hiker…I love hiking up 5000 ft mountains and camping on ridges overlooking fog ridden valleys in 20 degree weather, 40 mph winds and 6 inches of snow on the ground.  Well, that was one hiking trip where unexpected weather came rushing in…If we’d had known the conditions were going to be that bad, we would have stayed home.  But there’s something about being in the mountains and sleeping outside miles and miles away from any kind of civilization that is so relaxing and refreshing to me.

I have looked forward to the day where my boys are old enough to go with me and enjoy this experience with me; rinsing off in the icy cold mountain creeks, cooking dinner on my hiking burner, exploring ridgelines, enjoying Gods beauty…Untouched and rugged, like it was thousands of years ago.

Jack turned four a few months ago and I mentioned going hiking/camping with him and he talked about it for weeks.  The last time we “tried” to do this was in the back yard about two years ago.  I got our sleeping bags out, blew up our sleeping pads, set the tent up, got our snacks and books packed up and we proceeded to camp out in the backyard.  45 minutes later as we’re in our sleeping bags and I’m reading him a book before we go to sleep in the tent, Jack says,

“Daddy?”  “Let’s go inside and watch a show.”

“A show?” “We’re camping, Jack…There are no shows when you’re camping  – We’re pretending that we’re in the mountains,” I tell him…

“Daddy, we’re in the back yard.  The shows are inside.”  And he proceeds to get up leave the tent and walk to the house.

Since that was the last experience of “camping,” I wasn’t sure what to expect this time and I certainly didn’t want to get three hours away and him to have a melt down and have to drive home in the middle of the night.

Crowders mountain is a nice little hill about 30 minutes away outside of Gastonia.  I figured a nice little day hike would introduce him to the joys and wonders of hiking instead of an overnight trip.

He was thrilled and talked about it all week leading up to the day we would leave.  I had never been to Crowders before but the trails were clearly marked…The weather was absolutely perfect and was more breezy the higher we got.  Let me just say that my little man is a warrior.  I don’t know of any four-year olds that could hike 5 miles over 3 ½ hours…His determination astounds me.  He kept saying, “we gotta get to the top…we gotta get to the top.”  At one point, I hear the words that no father wants to hear when you’re hiking out in the middle of nowhere with no toilet paper…”Daddy, I gotta go poopy and potty…”  Oh, no I think to myself.  Can’t he hold hit?  Doesn’t his digestive track shut down like mine when he’s out in the middle of nowhere?  We look around for a rock formation that somewhat looks like a toilet and he proceeds to do his business – all the while, I am looking for a decent sized leaf to wipe him with.  He ends up tooting and pee’ing on his underwear…Which was fine by me – underwear and pants back on and we’re back in business.  We get to the overlook and sit down and eat our peanut butter sandwiches and look out over the wilderness seeing the Charlotte skyline miles away in the distance – we could barely make it out but was clearly visible.  Peanut butter sandwiches eaten, apple cores tossed over the side (some animal would gobble those right up) and we were headed back down the mountain. 

With about a mile left, Jack started whimpering a little and was telling me that his legs wouldn’t move anymore so he spent the next 20 minutes on my shoulders. I didn’t say he hiked the ENTIRE time…Just that he was a warrior…And he was…Up until the last mile.  I think his goal was just getting to the top.  I don’t think it crossed his mind that he would have to walk back down the mountain.  He was dead asleep 5 minutes after getting in the car.

What a joy to spend the day with my little man and how I want to cherish these times with him – Can’t wait for Wellesy to partake although I don’t think he’ll have quite the determination, grit and desire to reach the top as Jack did.  I’ll probably have to bribe him with a “cack-er” (cracker) or “bob-ooo” (bottle) as he calls them to get him to the top.  Good job Jack-Jack!  I’m so proud of you!

Taking one of our "water breaks"...

He had to wear his boots because daddy had his boots on, however mine weren't carpenter boots. These quickly gave him a blister...Thank goodness I brought his sneakers.

View at the top where we ate lunch.

Another pic from the overlook...

Behind us was about a 500 foot dropoff so I pretty much held Jack the whole time.


Posted by: Holly | May 3, 2010

What if Everyone?

Bert and I had the privilege of leading a volunteer project with our church this past weekend.  It is called “What If Everyone?” day.  Can you imagine if everyone volunteered their time to those in need in the Charlotte area? Over 300 volunteers got together to do projects all around the city to give back and help out locally (  

Our specific project was at the FreeStore in Area 15 (off 15th Street) in downtown Charlotte.  It is an incredible ministry that literally has a store with clothes, shoes and home goods (which are donated) for homeless and low-income families to come and shop at for FREE!  They do a few free “yard sales” in the summer so we were there to help set up and run the sale. There was also a house next to the store that one of the Area 15 volunteers was renting that needed some “fixing up” and since we had plenty of volunteers, some went to work inside of the house (Jack and I were just priming the walls getting it ready to be painted). 

What is so neat about this ministry to me is that they really aren’t focused on the “stuff” that they are giving away but more interested in building relationships with the people and helping them see Christ.  Several of the homeless people are now volunteers at the Freestore and one man there has actually started getting tutored and is now working on getting his GED.  It is changing lives.  Something about serving less fortunate people always brings me to a good place, one I need to get to much more often.  

As we pulled back into our driveway from our day, I looked at our home with a new appreciation.  I thought of the homeless lady that lived “in the woods” and immediately was reminded that most people in the world do not live like we do.  We also took Jack with us and I hope he learned that as well.  I want him to grow up knowing how much the Lord has blessed us and that there are less fortunate people in the world.

Wellesy stayed behind but he looked so cute in his wolfpack attire, we thought we’d throw his picture in too…

Posted by: Bert | March 23, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Jack!

My little boy turned 4 yesterday.  He celebrated his birthday with neighborhood friends and cousins at BounceU (where he wanted to have his birthday) and they all had a wonderful time.  We’re not sure what we’re doing with his hair…We thought about growing it out but it’s beginning to look a little “feathery” on the sides…Sort of like a woman’s short haircut from the 80’s…I think he looks a little like the bully from the Karate Kid movie – “Sweep the leg Johnny!”  It was drenched by the time he was done bouncing and sliding.  Holly made a pretty sweet football cake that I thought turned out pretty well although she complained about little things that nobody would notice…Sweetie, I think you definitely have a future in opening up your own bakery!

We spent the weekend in Greensboro with my parents and sister (and Butterball – what Jack calls her golden retriever puppy).  Somehow Jack went rummaging through the attic and found an old wooden rifle of mine and everywhere he went this past weekend, his trusty rifle went with him.  Aunt Izzy got him a Lego X-wing (one of the expensive Lego sets) that took my dad and me 3 hours to put together…Thanks Izzy.  Next time, how bout a football or something that doesn’t take a masters in Engineering to put together. 

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