Posted by: Holly | February 2, 2011


Wow.  This space has been empty for a while, hasn’t it?  After you go so long without posting anything it seems overwhelming to start again.  However, my sister got a “blog book” for Christmas and after looking through it I decided it was worth the time and effort to remember this time in my life (even if it is infrequent and random).

A couple of weeks ago Bert and I had a night out for dinner and a movie.  During the movie, we got a call from my mom (our faithful sitter) that we had accidently forgot and set our house alarm.  My mom had the boys at her house and was bringing them to our house when she unlocked the door and heard our alarm going off.  The alarm carrier called right away to which she told them she was the grandma and was trying to turn it off, to which Bert gets a call in the middle of our movie from CPI stating “someone is in your house claiming to be the grandma”.  Finally we get it all straightened out and the alarm is turned off.   However, after all is said and done my mom finds Jack upstairs under his bed shaking and scared to death.  He said he thought the police were gonna come and take him away.  Poor little guy.  So, of course my mom did her best to explain to him that the cops would only come if bad guys were in the house and they would never take him away.

The next day brought lots more questions and concerns about the alarm for Bert and I.  We did the best we could to explain to him that it was a mistake on our part and that it was no big deal.  However, much to our dismay he has now become obcessed with alarms.  I mean we always knew he was a little OCD but oh my goodness!  He gets nervous with any and all beeps and sounds including the microwave, coffee maker and garbage truck.  He runs over to the microwave to turn off the timer or stop “the beeping”!  He asks me every time we enter the house if the alarm is on  and the obcessiveness is driving us a little crazy.

I got to preschool to pick him up the other day and as soon as I see him walking to the car he shouts, “Mom, some kid pulled the fire alarm today!”.  Oh no.  I asked him about it as he got in the car and he said, “I was so scared I almost killed myself” (which I am sure means “he was scared to death” but not fun to hear in those words for a parent).  We pray every night that he will not have a spirit of fear and will trust that our God is our Protector.  I know this will be a stage like any other but I can’t help wonder if he got this paranoia from a certain other person in our house.  The apple doesn’t fall from the tree:)



  1. I’m glad Wilder Times is back! 🙂 Sad Times about Jack’s fears… will be praying for him! But seriously – like father, like son??

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